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Privacy Policy Shri Veershiv Co. Op Bank Ltd.

At Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd., our main concern is the responsible use of information that users and clients share and disclose to us. Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd.,’s commitment towards guaranteed confidentiality and privacy at all times is clearly mentioned in our Privacy Policy. We will use our best practice to ensure that the information you submit to us remains private and is used only for the purpose for which it is submitted.


This Policy holds true for a non-customer who has provided information to the Bank by any means, with or without the intentions of establishing a relationship, of whatsoever nature, with the Bank. By divulging any information to us, users agree to the terms and conditions of this Policy.


Customer / Personal Information

We record information that users provide voluntarily to us. However, Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd., will not share any user information with third parties without informing them at the time of recording or obtaining their explicit consent, except for the purpose and circumstances outlined in this Policy.

We collect personally identifiable information from users which include.

E-mail Address
PAN Number
Aadhar Number
Telephone Number
Mobile Number
Bank Account Number etc.

The information also includes, without limitation, user's preferences relating to receiving marketing messages from us and our service providers, and user's communication preferences.

As per this policy, information that is readily available or accessible in the public domain, or disclosed under the Right to information Act of 2005, or any other applicable law, will not be considered as sensitive personal data or information.

The collected information will be used lawfully for various activities or functions of the Bank related to services in which the user is interested. Also the information will be considered to determine the user's eligibility for requested products/services, to facilitate user verification and application processing, transactions, and record maintenance in compliance with internal/legal/regulatory requirements. The information collected will be utilized to provide the user with the best possible services/products while also protecting the Bank's interests.

Users shall ensure that provided all Personal Information to the Bank is accurate, true and up-to-date. Users will be responsible for errors, discrepancies, or inaccuracies in the Personal Information they share with us, except for such Customer Information that has been verified through CKYC processes set out by applicable laws and backed by documentary proof.

Record of Access Log File

Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd., keep records of logs of IP addresses, browser type, number of pages viewed etc. in order to provide better service for our customer, the information to get page view statistics, to analyze trends and better understand the usage of the portal and for system administrator purposes.

Use of User Information

Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd., may use the customer information for the purposes of customer identification/verification, providing of financial services and products, for customization of products or services, marketing or promotion of financial products/services to check credit rating and such other purpose to facilitate optimal and high quality services.

Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd., reserves the right to perform statistical analysis of user behaviors and preferences. The analytical data that Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd., collects is for internal use only to improve the content and service of its portal. In return, users will benefit from improved quality of services.

Disclosure to Third Parties

Unless Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd., specifically informs users at the time of collection, or unless users give express consent, Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd., does not provide any personally identifying information to a third party. However, if permitted or required by law or ordered by a court of law or to enforce the Terms and Conditions of the Products or Services or to safeguard / defend our rights, interests and properties or that of our affiliates, Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd., will have to disclose to the proper authorities the personal information of any individual user.

Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd., may disclose the data created after statistical analysis to any person, without any limitation and the user hereby give your consent for the same. Shri Veershaiv co-op. Bank Ltd., may disclose Customer Information to any of the Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd., 's associates and affiliates, without any limitation and the user / client hereby give consent for the same.

We may disclose the Customer Information to third parties for purposes of advertising, for any joint product promotion campaigns or for availing support services, for participation in electronic clearing network etc.

We may also share with third parties, the information obtained with your consent, from your mobile device like device location, device information (including storage, , model, installed apps, Wi-Fi, mobile network etc.), transactional and promotional SMS, communication and call logs, for purposes including statistical analysis and credit rating in order to enable us to provide you banking / financial services with high quality and standards. However, while disclosing any such information to third parties as afore-mentioned, we will make reasonable efforts to bind them with obligation to keep the same secure and confidential and an obligation to use the information for the purpose for which the same is disclosed and you hereby give your consent for the same.

Other Links

The linked sites are not under the control of Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd and Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd., will not be responsible for the content or privacy policies of any linked sites or any links containing other linked sites.

Updating of Privacy Policy and Consent

Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd., will, as and when it deems fit to do so, change, alter or modify its Privacy Policy. The users are advised to visit the site continuously in order to monitor changes in the policy for their use of services of the Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd.

Use of SMS for Registration/Activation of Positive Pay System

Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd., uses SMS/OTP based procedure for activation of its Positive Pay System for security reasons. Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd., do not publicly disclose any personal or sensitive user data related to financial or payment activities or any government identification numbers to any third party, except in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy.


We, Shri Veershaiv Co-op. Bank Ltd., have taken reasonable measures to protect security and confidentiality of the information related to Customer and its transmission through the World Wide Web (WWW). You are required to follow the Terms and Conditions while using this Positive Pay Systems including the instructions for Log-in and OTP.

The Bank will give access to Customer Information to only authorized employees. The employees who violate this Privacy Policy shall be subject to disciplinary as per the policy of the Bank. Any employee who withdraws from the employment of the Bank will have to undertake to abide by this Privacy Policy and keep all Customer Information secure and confidential.